Private Practice Lawyers are Expensive


I am a private practice lawyer, and contrary to what others may think, my services are a bit more expensive than other lawyers for a lot of reasons. I used to work for a firm in a different state but health got the best of me, so I am now close to retiring. But today, I am working as a private practice lawyer and I still take on some big cases. The reason why I am a bit expensive is because of one thing: experience. Experience dictates your price because it shows how capable you are of working tough cases. It also means that nothing fazes you anymore and you’re ready to jump the gun when needed.

I can still do a lot of work done even when I’m at home compared to the up-and-comers who’re just joining the scene. I am not saying that I make the highest billable rate per hour, but I have a steep price. I have retained my clients who continue to ask me to do some work for them like taxes and estate planning, and sometimes, I get in touch with companies who I used to represent for and vice versa.

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